Musica Vera Consort

The Musica Vera Consort was created by John S. Kitts-Turner, a longt-time specialist in wind instruments and early music performance, after his retirement from the UF School of Music. The ensemble us made up of both UF students and local residents and specializes in the music of the Renaissance and Baroque. They perform upon historical reproductions of the instruments from those time periods.

Musica Vera Consort Members:

  • Barbara Beck – percussion, recorder
  • Howard Beck – vielle, viola da gamba
  • Peter Bushnell – timpani, percussion, flute, kortholt, recorder
  • Jennifer Downey – timpani, flute, harp, shawm, krummhorn, recorder
  • Geoff Gowan – percussion, sackbutt
  • Michael Gower – percussion, sackbutt
  • JoLaine Jones-Pokorney – krummhorn, recorder
  • Nina Kaharl – harp, viola da gamba
  • Vicki Kitts-Turner – timpani, shawm, krummhorn, recorder
  • Russ Moore – percussion, flute, shawm, krummhorn, recorder
  • Rebecca Pethes – percussion, soprano
  • Janna Welch – percussion, recorder
  • Jack Kitts-Turner – director

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