Sean Calderon, saxophone

Sean Calderon began his musical training in 2007 as a trumpet player in a local community band. In 2009, he joined the Santa Fe High School band as a French horn player, but soon picked up the saxophone and immediately fell in love with it. Although Sean chose to focus on traditional academics throughout his high school career, he played the French horn, clarinet, and tenor saxophone in the school bands as well as organizing a small jazz combo with his friends. Near the end of his junior year, due to the influence of jazz greats such as Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, and Joshua Redman, Sean decided to pursue a career in music. In addition to playing in his high school band, Sean has participated in the University of Florida Honor Band, the Alachua All-County Honor band, and the Florida State University Tri-State Honors Jazz Ensemble. Sean has been honored academically for being top 10% of his class as well as receiving multiple musical awards, including the Louis Armstrong Outstanding Jazz Musician award, and being named “Most Outstanding Underclassman Music Student” at Santa Fe High School. While still maintaining a very high grade point average, Sean has now focused entirely becoming a fully-fledged musician and will be attending the University of North Florida as an honors student in Jazz Studies. Sean participated in and was chosen saxophone finalist in the 2013 Jubilus Music Education Outreach Program, a saxophone-bassoon workshop provided by 2013 Jubilus Ensemble-in-Residence, the Post-Haste Reed Duo.

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