2011 Jubilus Yale Grant Student Workshops

In the fall of 2010, Jubilus Music Festival Artistic Director Nansi Carroll, a three-time alumna of Yale’s School of Music, was awarded a $4000 Yale alumniVentures Grant for community outreach through the Jubilus Music Festival.

Cameron & Tom with the preschoolers at St. Pat's

The grant helped provide music education to local children and youth, pre-K through college-aged, with an emphasis on low-income, minority, disabled, and/or at-risk students. Improvisation workshops were provided by the 2011 Jubilus resident artistic duo Dithyramb: Tom Kraines, cello, and Cameron Britt, percussion.

Workshops were provided for the following schools and organizations:

Cameron & Tom with music students at UF

The 2011 improvisation workshops were videorecorded in order to produce a music education DVD to be developed during the summer of 2011 and distributed to all local public and parochial elementary school music programs in the fall of 2011. Please enjoy some clips below:

St. Pat’s Pre-K: Tom & Cameron improvise on two of the students’ names, introducing the idea of the music inherent in language.

St. Pat’s Pre-K: The children help Tom & Cameron establish a musical theme for Captain Hook.

St. Pat’s Pre-K: As Shania tells the story of “Goldilocks & the Three Bears,” Tom & Cameron narrate musically.

Rawlings Elem. K-2nd Grades: A student is asked to provide a “four note” theme upon which to improvise. They also ask for a descriptor for the piece from the audience.

Rawlings Elem. K-2nd Grades: A second “four note” theme. This time the descriptor is kept secret until the very end.

Rawlings Elem. 3-5th Grades: Trying the four note with the older children.

Rawlings Elem. 3-5th Grades: Five students are invited on stage to improvise with Tom & Cameron.

To learn even more about these workshops and their impact, read our Final Report to the Yale School of Music.

To help fund this and other Musical Outreach Programs, please support A Musical Offering by clicking HERE.

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