The Meaning of “Jubilus”


What does the term “jubilus” mean?
Jubilus (YOO-bih-lus) is a musical term originating from Gregorian Chant.  It refers to the final syllable of the sung alleluia, when the a, sung as a prolonged melisma, becomes an expression of inarticulate joy.
The Jubilus Festival takes place each spring just before Lent, during which the singing of alleluia is traditionally prohibited. Thus, the use of this term for the festival evokes the coming joy of Easter Sunday, when alleluia is sung once more. 
Please join us as the Jubilus Festival musicians and composers acknowledge our debt to the artistic treasures of the past and celebrate new works which give expression to humanity’s spiritual quest in a musical outpouring of joy.

UF's Pazeni Sauti Africa Choir performs at the 2011 Jubilus Festival.


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