Musica Vera 2013 Annual Spring Concert with VOICES Choir

AMO is honored to announce that Nansi Carroll ‘s VOICES Choir has been invited to perform in John S. Kitts-Turner’s Musica Vera Annual Spring Concert.

Come on Tuesday, May 14th at 7:30pm to UF’s Music Building, Room 101, for a spectacular concert of instrumental and choral Renaissance music. All FREE and open to the public.

Some notes on the upcoming concert by Musica Vera’s John S Kitts-Turner:

The first half of the concert will feature the Musica Vera Consort, in instrumental music of the Renaissance.

The second half of the concert will feature the VOICES Choir. Nansi Carrol will direct VOICES in a performance of the Missa Ego flos campi, by Juan Gutierrez de Padilla, accompanied by the Musica Vera Consort. This will be the complete five-part mass, performed antiphonally by two separate four-part ensembles. In Renaissance cathedrals, the two choirs would be in separate choir lofts right and left of the main altar.

The final piece should be a treat for people who recall those fabulous University of Florida Madrigal dinners from years ago. At the end of each dinner, the performers would withdraw, leaving the hall lit only by candles. Then, from an alcove behind the hall, there would echo Jacob Handl’s Hodie Christus natus est, ending the evening with a thrilling and mystical note. Professor Kitts-Turner, who directed that off-stage performance for over twenty years, will close the concert with this very piece , leading VOICES and the Musica Vera Consort.

Professor Kitts-Turner points out one great point of intrestest is that in our joint concert, both the Padilla and the Hanmdl are polychoral compositions, with two groups sounding back and forth against each other at times. He also adds that in relief to the very intense sacred nature of the Handl and Padilla, Musica Vera will play two far more playful pieces in the first half of the conceert – one mimicking a monk chanting “Vitrum nostrum glorioso” (“How glorious is our drinking cup”) and the other celebrating the order of St. Babouin – with whom Friar Tuck would have been completely at home.

So please join us for a night of both joyous fun and mystical beauty.

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